Vit C

The Little Red Farm farmers market shop carries NutriBionic Vitamin C.

This is the brand of vitamin C that I have used for years and have good success with! We carry several different kinds you can snag them here off of Amazon or grab them in our farmers market shop. Our family uses vit C for high dosing when ill, supplementation or flushing. Check out this other blog for good info on how to do a Vitamin C flush and then make sure to read the rest of this blog post to choose the Vit C that is best for you.

Each variety of vitamin C has different benefits. 

Ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids:

Ascorbic acid is Vit C in its most basic form. Bioflavonoids are always found in nature along with vitamin C and make this formula easier to digest on your tummy. It is a powdered form and great for high dosing. 

1 teaspoon is 4000 mg of vitamin C. 

We prefer to mix this in a little bit of water with the water flavoring or something like lemonade or orange juice. You could add it to a smoothie as well. It tastes a little bit like lemon flavored cardboard, but it is easy to get down. We use vitamin C in high doses when we are sick or for a vitamin C flush. Vitamin C flushes are beneficial during or after sickness and also to clear out the bowels and relieve constipation.

Meta C:

Medicine is a capsule form of vitamin C.  These convenient capsules have 500 mg of vitamin C each in them making them another option for regular use or flushing.

Vitamin C, plus D3 and zinc:

This capsule is just what it sounds like! It combines vitamin C, D3, and zinc for an immune boosting powerhouse. Each capsule has 1500 mg of vitamin C, 5000 IU of Vit D3 , and 40 mg of zinc. These are great for immune boosting, or as a maintenance supplement.

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