The Little Red Farm is also a micro dairy with Jersey and Guernsey cows. 

We sell A2A2 raw milk during Farmers Market Shop hours. We stock milk for walk in shoppers each time we have guest hours. Please read our Guest Expectations before your visit.

In our shop we sell whole raw cream topped A2A2 milk, $15 gallons or $8 half gallons in BPA Free recyclable plastic jugs. Cream is $10 per pint. All food and non food items are first come first serve. We DO NOT hold milk or products even upon request. 

Our milk is:

  • Raw -  Raw milk is a prebiotic & probiotic, has every fat & water soluble vitamin known to man, nutrients needed to digest the lactose, enzymes to help digest your food so you get more nutritional benefits, good acids, and a host of minerals.
  • A2A2 - A2 is the beta casein protein. Milk has 2 sets - either A1 or A2 or a combination. A1 is most commonly associated with stomach discomfort. A2 is the same beta casein protein that is found in goats milk and human breast milk and is easily digested.
  • Cream Topped - you get ALL the milk. We don't skim, homogenize, or pasteurize.
  • From Grass Fed Cows that are pasture raised. Our dairy cows graze our pastures, eat hay and alfalfa, and for a treat at milking get a scoop of oats. No corn, soy, or mixed rations.
  • From cows not given hormone boosters or medicated feed. Read about our animal feed and care practices here.

    We only take milk subscription requests via online form. DO NOT add your name unless you have carefully read the information you are agreeing to by putting your name on the form. Click Here to go to the form and make your request.

          Want a monthly milk subscription with a discount and custom order saved for you each week? This option is for those who have already been to our farm, tried the milk and want to make a long term, weekly pick up commitment. Our Monthly Milk Subscription at $12 per gallon is for those who want a long term weekly pick up, prepaid monthly, with a set weekly pick up time.

    You will:

    • Choose your preferred open shop day.
    • How many gallons and/or half gallons you want each week.
    • Pay for the entire month's worth of milk at your first pickup.
    • Pick up the prepaid milk every week on the same day each week during open guest hours.
    • Can't make it that day? You can have a friend pickup for you (it’s already paid for!) or just skip that week without the risk of forfeiting your spot. 
    • You will NOT be able to pick up on a different day or at a different time.
    • You WILL have the option to adjust your subscription (if needed) on the last week of each month, a week before your first monthly pick up and subscription payment.

    Our Guest Open hours and address are here. Feel free to stop out and grab milk during the open guest hours! We only allow guests to come on property during the open guest hours, if you arrive early you must wait off property; please see our Guest Expectations . We always have some milk available for walk in customers - first come first served!