Our naturally raised pigs get year-round access to the outdoors and a dirt floor area in the barn. They are grow fat, happy, and are one of our most entertaining livestock animals to hang out with when they're not napping.

The pigs we raise are mixed breed. This means they get the best traits of different breeds and are healthier because of it. We do our best to source unvaccinated hogs that haven’t been medicated at all, and we in the process of finding a consistent source for that. However, once hogs are on our farm they are not given vaccines, medicated feed or any growth boosters. We believe in proactive wellness and supporting our animals through the following practices.

Our Pigs:

  • have large outdoor paddocks with dirt and grass to forage depending on the time of year.
  • have unlimited access to fresh water.
  • have unlimited access to natural feed with probiotics, specifically formulated to their nutritional needs. Our feed is is from a local grain coop so that we know it is fresh. It does have corn and soy in it that may or may not be gmo. We know local farmers who grow both so it is likely a mix.
  • eat grass, herbs, apples, pumpkins, other seasonal produce, raw milk, eggs and scraps from our table.
  • have access to wallow in warm weather for cooling off and keeping bugs away.
  • have access to indoor shelter at all times.
  • are never given steroids, chemical antibiotics, hormone boosters or vaccinations on our farm.

Our hogs are processed at Animal Welfare Approved, USDA inspected Wahoo Meat Locker. It is packaged without additional ingredients or preservatives unless cured or otherwise additionally processed (ham, bacon, sausage). 

Our pork is available in our Farmers Market Shop. This list is what we typically have available in our freezers and current pricing:

$7.50 Bacon
$5.45 Pork Sausage
$5.45 Spicy Sausage
$5.45 Ground Pork
$3.45 4 Pack Sausage Patties
$5.75 Pork Ribs
$6.25 Pork Chops
$6.25 Pork Steak
$5.65 Pork Roast
$3.45 Ham Hock
$5.65 Ham Roast
$5.65 Ham Steak

Hog Reservation

Occasionally ½ or whole hogs are available and customers pay by hanging weight to the farm and processing fees to the meat locker for a total of roughly $5/pound total cost.