About Us

My husband, Kyle, dreamed of being a farmer someday, and I, Mindy, just wanted a country house with chickens.  After 3 years of searching, we finally found it. Close enough to town for convenience and schools, yet far enough for that gravel road peace of mind with spectacular sunsets.  It didn’t just have a chicken coop, but a barn, various other buildings, and even a small pasture. It needed some love, (and quite frankly still needs many things updated and improved) but it was a place we could see ourselves never leaving.

Once we moved in, the empty barn seemed sad, and someone or something needed to upkeep the land. The coop had chickens within 3 months. In March, four little pigs moved into the barn. That next fall, we raised meat chickens, and by spring our first bottle calf came home with another to keep her company a few weeks later.  Through it all we figured, if we were growing our own food, we might as well grow some for other people and The Little Red Farm naturally grew out of our heart to feed others the same way we wanted to feed our own family.


 So many people can remember the family farm they visited as kids or grew up on, but not many have a way to get back there or grow their own food. Most people would love to raise animals with kindness allowing them to live the way they grow best. Here at The Little Red Farm that means green pastures for cows, dirt for pigs to root in, chickens on the loose with livestock guardian dogs to watch over them all. All our animals have as stress free of life as possible and year-round access to both the outdoors and shelter indoors. We found for us their best life means we don’t use vaccinations, antibiotics, or hormone boosters on our farm as well as holistic methods for keeping our animals healthy. We use locally milled and grown feed, which means they occasionally get corn or soy that may contain gmo grains. We have found that their food being the proper balance of nutrients and minerals is the most important factor in their health. It took us a little bit to get here, but for us, it is the perfect middle ground and a sweet spot to be in.  Feeding and caring for our animals in a way that keeps them happy, healthy and affordable so that they are fresh and nourishing to your family is what we do best.

 As the farm, our community and social media has grown, we've expanded into homestead mentoring. We didn't have much help figuring out this homestead thing but we've come a long way since 2014! Our homestead mentoring is a way to offer a helping hand to those starting their own homestead journey.