The Little Red Farm Free Range Chickens

Eggs are sold first come first serve for $6.95/dozen in the Farmers Market Shop.

All Little Red Farm Poultry are:

  • completely free range, all day every day.
  • have unlimited access water and an all natural feed blend specifically formulated for our farm that includes probiotics, minerals and no fillers, medications or additives.
  • while our feed does contain some locally grown soy and corn, we have found being able to feed our birds the right protein formulation for optimal health is the most important "ingredient". Local farmers do not treat their bean plants when pods are growing.
  • omnivores and enjoy eating plants, bugs and more!
  • have access to indoor shelter at any time.
  • are never given steroids, medications, chemical antibiotics, growth enhancers or vaccinations.
  • hormone additives for poultry have been illegal for 50 years and the "no hormones added" label on most natural poultry is simply a marketing ploy.

Meat Chickens - While we have done both turkey and chicken meat in the past we currently are not offering it. (3/1/24)