Our naturally raised beef cattle get year-round access to the outdoors and shelter. They are grow strong, happy, and love getting chin rubs when they aren't napping or grazing.

The cattle we raise are different breeds: Angus, Jersey, and Guernsey. These breeds all rank as the highest marbling and best flavor profile for beef.


  • have large outdoor paddocks and pasture with free choice grass and hay to eat depending on the time of year.
  • have shelter for when they want shade or to get out of the Nebraska wind, rain or snow.
  • have unlimited access to fresh water.
  • have occasional grain supplementation of natural feed, specifically formulated for our farm with added probiotics.
  • have access to indoor shelter at all times.
  • are cared for without steroids, antibiotics, hormone boosters or vaccinations.

Our cattle are processed at Animal Welfare Approved, USDA inspected Wahoo Meat Locker. It is USDA inspected and packaged without additional ingredients or preservatives. 

Our beef is available in our Farmers Market Shop. This list is what we typically have available in our freezers and current pricing by the pound:

  • $5.95 Ground Beef
  • $8.95/ for a 4-pack of 1/3 pound Hamburger Patties
  • $5.45 Ribs
  • $6.45 Roast
  • $6.95 Brisket
  • $7.45 Round Steak
  • $8.95 Sirloin Steak
  • $9.99 Flat Iron Steak
  • $13.95 T-Bone, Ribeye, NY Strip
  • $3.45 Liver
  • $3.95 Marrow Bones
  • $4.95 Soup Bones
  • $6.45 Cube Steak
  • $6.45 Stew Meat

Check out available Custom 1/4 Beef Reservations!