2020 Stress Strategy Wellness Event

How are you surviving in 2020?

September 22nd - 7:00 pm at Rock N Joes

There are so many things that are outside of our control during this crazy year. But what if we decided to be proactive about the things we CAN control instead of just surviving and reacting to each new punch that comes our way. 🤔
A proactive approach may seem like more work at the beginning but what if you had tools like Young Living wellness products to make choices in those everyday moments of craziness that can throw us for a loop?
What if you could chose to support your body instead of reaching for a coping mechanism that adds to your body’s load?
I’ll be sharing some strategies I’ve learned from different places and the essential oils and supplements I reach for everyday to support my body by relieving tension and stress. Come, bring a friend, grab some coffee or wine and learn what options might be a good fit for you!