Meet Holli of Barli Girl Farm

We are thrilled to now be offering Barli Girl Farm's Monthly Organic Garden Planner - What To Do and When in Your Organic Garden. Holli is one of the vendors in our Farmers Market Shop and here she is to tell you a little more about herself:

Hi, I’m Holli!  I own and operate Barli Girl Farm. My husband and I have two beautiful girls and my family is what sparked my curiosity to learn how to feed them in a better way.  

Gardening is a passion I have been cultivating for years driven by an independent spirit, a desire for healthy food and a love for cooking! It connects me to this cycle of growing, harvesting and nourishing my family from beginning to end. We live in an urban setting on less than an acre of land, so space is a premium which forces us to get creative about how and what we grow to maximize production. To accomplish this, I rely on dependable methods that come from years of trial and error. Anything that I can’t grow, I source from our amazing community of local farmers and friends!

I am proud to be a steward of the land. As the season starts to take shape each year I am filled with hope and excitement for new beginnings, humbled with each seed I plant, filled with wonder and gratitude as I watch it flourish into something we can eat. As the produce comes in, we eat as much as we can fresh, but it is also important to preserve what we can for the winter months. Dehydrating, canning, fermenting and our cellar allows us to not only feed ourselves but share this wholesome goodness and vitality with loved ones throughout the year. As the harvest fades, I save seeds for the following year, and this ensures the cycle of work followed by blessings can start again.

I’m thrilled to share some of the experience I’ve gained over the years by offering this Gardening Planner. It has lots of nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, pages to plan your dream garden, resources to learn more, what to do in your garden each month, and even a glossary to make sure you know exactly what we’re chatting about along the way. Come play in the dirt with me and let's grow your garden! Can’t wait to see you enjoy the satisfying rewards of your hard work!


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