A Note on Subscription Milk

Guests are always welcome to purchase walk-in milk at any time but subscription milk does come with "strings" attached since you get a discount and we are saving milk for you. 
We understand that schedules change and there are different seasons of life. In the event that this agreement is no longer a good fit for you, please give us a minimum of 1 week's notice before the start of a new month. There are others waiting for a coveted subscription spot and we need time to contact them prior to subscription renewal.  
We are happy to have you as a customer whether that is on subscription or as a walk in customer during our open hours.
  • Each household must have their own subscription. You may not add to your subscription for other friends, neighbors or family members that do not live in the same house as you.
  • With prior notice, you can adjust your milk amount each month as needed. If you are changing it from the current month, you must give a minimum one week (preferably 2-4 weeks) notice before subscription payment is due. Requests to reduce will be fulfilled at the next subscription period. Requests to increase will be filled as we have milk availability. 

  • Each person is legally responsible to pick up their own milk.
  • Each subscriber is agreeing to pick up their subscription milk weekly. Should you choose to let someone else pick up your milk, LRF is not responsible for the state of your milk when it gets to you.
  • Subscribers who cancel will have a 3 month waiting period before their subscription request can be considered for reinstatement. 
A Monthly Milk Subscription works as follows:
  • You will choose your pick up day and that day will stay the same each week.
  • Choose how many gallons and/or half gallons you would like every week and that will remain the same for the calendar month.
  • You will pay for the entire month's worth of milk at your first pick up each month or before.
  • Your reserved milk will be waiting for you to pick up during open shop hours on your chosen day each week.
  • If you can’t come during your chosen time your options are:
    • Have friends pick up for you (it’s already paid for) during open hours.
    • Skip that week without the risk of forfeiting your subscription spot.
    • It is NOT an option to pick up on a different day.

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