Half Hog Reservation
Half Hog Reservation

Half Hog Reservation


  • 1/2 hog to be paid at $2.25/lb based on hanging weight at time of processing. LRF hogs typically hang at 200-260lbs, so a half hog hanging weight will be 100-130 approximately. 

  • Your full cost will be approximately $225-$290 total to Little Red Farm plus processing to the meat locker.
  • This is a reservation on a 1/2 hog and will be credited towards final bill. 

  • The FULL COST due to LRF is a total of $2.25/pound hanging weight.

  • This will be farm fresh pork from Little Red Farm, locally processed at the Meat locker in Pickrell, Nebraska and must be picked up from the meat locker.

  • This DOES NOT include processing fees. Processing fees will be due to the meat locker based on your custom order at the time of pickup.

  • Current hogs are scheduled to go in Jan 6th and will be ready for pickup around Jan 26th. 

  • Pork will be packaged and cut according to what you specify. Please call the Pickrell Meat Locker at (402) 673-3480  by Jan 6th with your custom order. Order options will be given by phone and your FAQ can be answered here.


    • Buy paying a deposit you are agreeing to:

      • PURCHASE 1/2 hog for full amount of $2.25/per pound hanging weight due to Little Red Farm on Jan 8th. Processing fees will be due to the meat locker at time of product pickup.