Custom Pork Order Totals
Custom Pork Order Totals
Custom Pork Order Totals
Little Red Farm

Custom Pork Order Totals

Regular price $28.25 $0.00 Unit price per

Total hanging weights are listed below by customer. Take home weight is typically 65% of hanging weight. Please select your name in the payment option to pay your total. These are smaller than our normal hots to the bill and take home total will be more manageable while giving you a nice supply for your freezer. 

1/2 hog at $2.25/lb minus the $100 reservation deposit. This is your final bill to the Little Red Farm and is due upon receipt. You will get a call from the locker in a week or two once your order is ready for pickup. 

This beef is being processed at the Pickrell Meat Locker in Pickrell, NE, and pickup and payment for processing will be there.

Payment is currently due.

Thank you so much for your support of our Little Red Farm!


S Moje 66lbs

D Brokereing 65lbs

M Nelson  60lbs

E Sampson 57lbs

M Cox 69lbs

F Snider 67lbs

S Ensor 65lbs

M Haring 68lbs