1/2 Hog Reservation For August 3rd
1/2 Hog Reservation For August 3rd
1/2 Hog Reservation For August 3rd
Little Red Farm

1/2 Hog Reservation For August 3rd

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Deposit only on a custom 1/2 hog to be purchased for $2.25/lb hanging weight with separate fees to Pickrell Meat Locker for processing.  After payment for meat to LRF and payment to the meat locker for processing and packaging your beef (everything from ground to bacon) will typically cost $5 per pound.

 • Order to meat locker MUST be called in at 402-673-3480 no later than Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 or standard cutting order will be used. 

 • Fees to The Little Red Farm due August 7th. Deposit will be credited towards final total. Hogs scheduled for August 4th. 1/2 hog fees to LRF typically costs $200 and will vary based on weight

 • Processing fees due to Pickrell Meat Locker at time of pickup, approximately 2-3 weeks after drop off. Butcher fees on a 1/2 hog are typically $100 and will vary depending on the cut and packaging  choices you make. Meat must be picked up within 3 business days of notification it’s ready. Meat will need to be picked up at

Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse

217 Austin St

Pickrell, NE 68422

Phone 402-673-3480

Thank you for supporting The Little Red Farm with your purchase. We are happy you  chose us to help feed your family!